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2023-2024 Staff

Associate Editor

Mustafa Kareem

Associate Editor

Nea Drakontaidis

Social Media Manager

Shubhra Raj


Yunqing Han

Yunqing Han is a senior at New Trier High School, and serves as the executive editor for Logos magazine. In her free time, she enjoys writing stories and learning new languages. The Sound of Music is one of her favorite movies.


Joe Volk

Joe is a sophomore who joined as an editor in 2023.  She enjoys spending time learning about oceanography and marine biology, and spends more time at the library than her own home. She believes that she could beat multiple sunfish...

Junior Chief Editor

David Rhee

David Rhee is a junior at New Trier and serves as the Junior Chief Editor of Logos. He believes he could defeat a medium-sized wolf in a fight. His death-row meal would be a bowl of Pho.

Nathan Danz

I am a Sophomore member of the Logos Club. 1. I could beat a white rabbit by stealing its watch.    


Maya Echambadi

Maya Echambadi is a senior and has served as Editor-in-Chief of Logos for two years. She enjoys reading short stories and poetry, and believes she could beat a bear in a fight.

Look, Ma...no plug!

Mr. Paul Easton

Mr. Easton has taught high-school English since 1994, and at New Trier since 2001. He joined as sponsor of Logos in the Winter of 2018. Like all publications at NTHS, Logos is created by and maintained for the students of New T...