2021-2022 Staff

Maya Echambadi
Editor of Submissions

Maya Echambadi

Maya Echambadi is a current sophomore at New Trier. She’s interested in short stories, poetry, and visual poetry. She is currently the Editor of Submissions of Logos.

Member of the Editorial Board

Mary Erhardt

Mary is a sophomore at New Trier High School. She enjoys seeing everything people are sending in. She likes all kinds of writing, but likes writing stories the best.

Colin Giroux

Colin Giroux

Colin Giroux is a current senior at New Trier High School. He enjoys reading all of the types of writing that NT students submit, though he has a particular taste for short stories. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Logos and, with...

Hyeon Yang

Hyeon Yang

Is a Junior and enjoys reading short stories.

Look, Ma...no plug!

Mr. Paul Easton

Mr. Easton has taught high-school English since 1994, and at New Trier since 2001. He joined as sponsor of Logos in the Winter of 2018. Like all publications at NTHS, Logos is created by and maintained for the students of New T...

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