On the Captiva Sunset

Hayden Veber

Our family has cherished so many memories here. The endless winter and spring breaks spent in the 75 degree heat. The dinners at the Mucky Duck or other local restaurants watching the sun go down. The feeling of always hearing the seagulls chirps and sand crammed in your flip flops. Walking out of the hotel room at approximately 10 a.m. to head to the beach and to be pleasantly awakened by the crashing of the waves and the water running against your feet. It’s the walking around town and seeing friends of yours from back home and hanging out with them at the beach or talking with them about what makes this vacation spot so special to them as well. All in all, the best part of Captiva are the sunsets, and the drawn portrait we have of one in our family room reminds our family of all the good times and memories we have cherished watching one go down in our happy place.