What’s in a Name?

Keira Chroniak

My name is Keira,It is Irish and Greek,It means little dark one, dark haired, and black lordThough none of those describe meMy parents simply thought it lovely

Five letters,Five family members,Five seats in our old Passat,Five little claws on my cat’s paw,And five rings on my fingers,Each a reminder of who I’ve become

It’s a name that sings sweetlyAnd never takes up too much space on a pageSitting in the middle of the bus,Gazing out the window,While all around is chatterBut bold and loud when given the chance

Five pieces of paper,The edges are torn and dog-eared,But the pigment can never fade entirely,No matter how many times they’re crumpled into a ball

I am Kiwi, Keiríta, and Keira-louelleNicknames from the ones I loveBut I am KeiraI have always been and always willJuliette, there is everything in a nameAnd my name is Keira

Each syllable, an Italian ariaAnd every letter is a rainbow