I Feel 20

Ricki Viner

Teller of great tales in Paris 

When she was fluent en francais 

Hoarder of hundreds of pictures of her grandchildren 

Fierce protector of her children 

My mom, my uncle 

Master of sudoku 

Finisher of puzzles in under four minutes 

Keeper of traditions 

See’s candy every Valentine’s Day, dinner at Carmine’s every birthday 

Watcher of CBS On Sunday Morning 

Always telling my family how “fascinating” and “wonderful” each episode was 

Driver of a shiny red Toyota convertible 

With “I Feel 20” as her license plate 

Reader of The New York Times 

Every morning 

Owner of a home in Los Angeles 

Living right next to Lebron James 

Maker of clothes 

Knitting, sewing, crocheting 

Baker of 

Chocolate cake, pumpkin pie, overnight oats 

Watcher over the Viner Family 

My Grandma Joan