Based on The Scientist by Coldplay

Jordan Andrew

Why do we continue the tireless battle against time?

The refusal to admit defeat against a looming construct

Illuminates our never ending desire to turn around.

To go back.

We chase the nostalgia that fills our lungs and disperses into the atmosphere.

Our hearts whisper “come back” but the universe screams “go forward”

And we are left with shreds of what we used to know.

We pull apart the puzzles of the future because we know it can never capture

What once consumed our hopes and dreams.

And so we hide the missing piece.

We keep it locked away, never allowing our minds to remember

Where it lies.

Against our will, we move forward, grasping for something, anything to hold.

But when we look down, all our palms reveal are the wisps of the start

That we will forever run back to, but never reach.